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IBC Holdings offers comprehensive or customised investment portfolios while implementing risk management measures.

01 Main Story

We are an active investment management company that aims to provide solutions for the client's portfolio with the help of state-of-the-art technology.
We are constantly looking for new ways to provide our clients with the best results in the market by investing in research and startups and entering into partnerships.
We apply our vast experience and expertise in investment vehicles to create innovative tailor-made programs.

02 About Us

«Our clients are the backbone of everything we do!»
Elliot Hicks
Elliot Hicks
CEO of IBC Holdings
IBC Holdings is an active investment management company that aims to provide solutions for the client's portfolio with the help of state-of-the-art technology.

We employ trading teams to provide services for managing investment portfolios for the long and short term markets. IBC Holdings is renowned for developing tailor-made solutions that leverage the company's cutting edge technology, infrastructure and expertise. This allows us to be confident in the future and that we will be able to maintain our position as market leaders in innovation, human resources, legal issues and profitable investments for clients for a long time.

By instilling a culture of compliance across our workforce, we are in line with our commitment to achieving the highest standards in the long run

03 About Our Principles

At IBC Holdings, we pay special attention to the company's principles to stay focused on the growing assets of our clients.
We always focus on maintaining the highest possible performance standards while taking into account the risks.
We do the right thing and maintain professional integrity.
We strive to be versatile and creative.
We achieve success through talent, dedication and teamwork.
We use all available methods to reduce energy consumption in our offices around the world and carefully monitor our impact on the environment.
We use best scientific practices to back our decisions and believe that technology will play a vital role in the future of investment management.
We create an environment that allows our employees to unlock their full potential.
We strive for excellence in everything. "Good" is not enough for us.
We believe in the importance of ensuring integrity and transparency in the investment management sector.
We strive to effectively combine accountability with high performance standards and create flexible solutions that are applicable to the needs of our customers, doing so in an appropriate manner in a controlled environment.

04 About The Strategy

Our managers offer a wide range of strategies depending on investment approaches, styles and asset classes
At IBC Holdings, we recognise that responsible investing is fundamental to our company and clients. We also understand the importance of rational management of investors' capital; therefore our approach is closely linked to the values of customers, shareholders and other stakeholders.
We use innovative tools to ensure that the traders of the company always stay informed. After all, they manage clients' assets and can affect the level of risk and return on their assets.
IBC Holdings
IBC Holdings specialists work in many areas of the market, some of which are:
Risk management teams operate throughout the company's departments and are included in the leadership team.

Our experienced teams of traders are committed to investing in both the short and long term and distributing funds between different assets. This allows us to protect the invested capital and compensate for losses in one area with profits in others.

Reliable risk management systems are essential to ensure our accountability to customers